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Vending Machine Servicing And Maintenance .

We start as we mean to go on, which means that we provide the highest level of customer satisfaction from the day we install your vending machines. Quarterly maintenance checks and servicing allow us to catch any issues before they become major issues. We’ll replace worn-out parts and upgrade the software to keep your machines running at their best.


What we offer ?

The Supply of Vending Machine Services for enterprises to include Installation, Operation, Stocking, Maintenance, and Management of the Vending Machines.

Vending Machines


Vending Machines


Vending Machines

Stocking up

Vending Machines


Vending Machines


Vending Machines

Full Support

Vending Machines

Products Recommendation

Solutions :

Vending Machine Offerings

  • Wide range of vending machines available.
  • Combos available for cost savings (combine multiple products for less).

Equipment Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation and maintenance service provided.
  • Machine designed for speed and efficiency.
  • Superior processing technology and engineering skills used machines connected to cloud-based services for telemetry and management.

Automation and account management

  • I-vend Telemetry system for automation
  • Easy account recharge through machine or online purchase history and top-up tracking available.
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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.

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