Coffee and Hot Drinks

Looking for a high-quality coffee vending machine for your enterprise? Look no further than our striking and energy-efficient model, with a capacity of 500 cups and a wide variety of instant beverage options. We also offer a free-standing coffee vending machine with a dual container canister, allowing you to enjoy two unique varieties of espresso. Choose from our standard numerical version or our more advanced interactive touchscreen model. Whether you need a quick caffeine fix or a delicious hot beverage, our coffee vending machines have got you covered.

Cold Drinks And Snacks vending machines

Cold drinks and Snacks

Looking for a quick snack or refreshing drink(cans & bottles) on-the-go? Our drinks and snack vending machines provide for your requirements! Our automatic spiral vending machines use advanced technology to dispense soft drinks, snacks, and fresh products. Our vending machines are perfect for any market with a striking design, low energy consumption, and a user-friendly interface. We use the most advanced technology to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Modular Combination vending machines

Modular Combination

Give your people a greater variety at break time. The top two trays are designed to feature wider products such as chips and pastries, while the third tray allows you to offer 8 different selections of confectioneries such as candy bars. The bottom half of the machine dispenses cold beverages. It is set to vend 3 selections of 12 oz. cans and 4 selections of 16.9 oz. or 20 oz. bottles. The payment mechanisms are found on the right side of the upper half of the machine and the components are installed on a vertical slide-out shelf, designed for easy access.

Quick Break Combo vending machines

Quick Break Combo

Eat Right, Be Bright!

With 21 snacks and 8 beverage options, you will have something for everyone’s taste.  While the brilliant and eco-friendly LED lighting and live product display will keep your customers attention. A simple solution to your vending needs!